Monarch Plank’s mission is to create premier quality wide plank hardwood flooring, leveraging the most sophisticated modern finishing techniques that enhance, rather than cover over, the natural beauty of European Oak, Walnut and Hickory engineered floors.


Depending on which collection you choose, each one might carry a different set of specifications. Please contact us to learn more about the collection’s specification you are most interested in.


The surface of each floor might require different specifications depending on its use. Please verify that the materials being purchased will be suitable for all environments your new floor will be put in.


Monarch Plank floors are coated with different types of coatings. Different coatings require different maintenance procedures. The cleaning/maintenance products recommended for one coating may damage a floor finished with another type of coating. Before cleaning your floor, confirm what type of coating it has. You can find all care and maintenance instructions on Monarch Plank’s website.